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The Water Bottle 

Flaska - the programmed reusable glass water bottle – Your portable water spring!

Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle which will help you to care of your health as well as the environment. It is made from glass and programmed using Orgone (also known as Qi) cannons 


The Flaska glass water bottle is available in two sizes (0.5l and 0.75l). Because it is made from glass, it has been protected by protective sleeves made from neoprene, silicone, cork or cotton. Due to high quality protective sleeves individuals living an active life style can use Flaska on the go. Watch the short Flaska presentation video 'Meet Flaska!'.

Reusable glass water bottle FlaskaFlaska Reusable Glass Water Bottle

Some facts and benefits about Flaska:

  • made from glass
    programmed glass using Orgone (also known as Qi) cannons
    protective sleeve protects Flaska from breaking and helps to keep the water cool
  • protective sleeves made from various materials
  • various models and designs - at this point of time 33 models
  • 2 sizes of Flaska bottles (0.5 and 0,75l) and the Vodan jug with the volume of 1 litre
  • no leakage
  • if you lose or damage the cap, you get a new one for free
  • name printing or engraving
  • possible to print logos & special designs
    health & environmentally friendly
  • made in Slovenia, EU